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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 25, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EST

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and a charmer, buy his album. every one is great. greg gutfeld, bye-bye. the day bn white house healthcare summit has more political posturing, we have fox team coverage. president obama talks to business leaders about the economy and republicans agree with what he says. toyota's chief executive talks to congress about his company's problems. and the 50th state talks about moving forward by taking a step back in time, we'll explain. all that plus the fox all-stars right here, right now. >> bret: welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. president obama says he will use thursday's healthcare summit to seek common ground. chief washington correspondent jim angle reports others were spending
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today digging in for what is shaping up as an increasingly partisan/bipartisan meeting. [ chanting ] >> reporter: the political jockeying is well underway in advance of the healthcare summit as union and liberal activist marched on capitol hill today with supporting democratic lawmakers in an effort to create momentum for reform effort, which ironically have been stymied so far, mainly by differences among democrats in the house and senate. [ chanting ] all this to set the stage for the healthcare summit thursday across the street from the white house at the blair house about which the president said this today. >> tomorrow i look forward to a good exchange of ideas at the blair house, with the legislative leaders. and i hope everyone comes with a shared desire to solve this challenge. not just score political points. >> reporter: some republicans fear that's exactly what democrats and the president want to do: shift some of the blame for the lack of progress from the disagreements among democrats themselves to the republic
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republicans. >> in fairness, it was not republicans that stopped the bill from being passed. it was the democratic senate that decided it doesn't want to support this in numbers necessary to pass the final bill. >> reporter: pointing an opinion poll after another, the republican leaders argue the public clearly rejected the democratic plans. >> if the white house wants real bipartisanship it needs to drop proposal that it proposed money which is no different than essentials from anything we've seen before and start all over. >> we have the facts on our side. we are going down there tomorrow speaking on behalf of the american people who made a perfectly clear that they want this bill scrap and they want to us start over. >> reporter: the republican party backed up that argument with a new web video. >> and the american people have spoken out and rejected it. >> reporter: white house officials keep saying the republicans should come up with their own plan, prompting republicans to note the president has repeatedly acknowledged republican plans as he did again today. >> our proposal contains good ideas from democrats and
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republicans and healthcare experts across the spectrum. >> to emphasize their efforts, republicans put 70 of their proposals on a website today. in another development, republican leader john boehner sent a letter to the president urging him to invite democrat bart stupak to the summit. stupak added a provision added to the house bill barring any federal funds from going to abortion services. but that is not in the senate bill and the president doesn't support it either so the white house is unlikely to invite stupak. it did go out of way to invite a republican it's courting, olympia snowe of maine, who was not on the list chosen by republican leaders. she politely thanked them but made clear the rules established by the white house do not allow party lead er to invite who they want. bret? >> bret: quite a six hours. thank you. more on the abortion funding issue later. while almost everyone else was talking healthcare, the president got back to jobs and the economy today. addressing a business roundtable here in
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washington? senior white house corespondent says the president engaged in political reinvention. >> reporter: president obama addressed the captain of industry and sound like a republican. >> i'm an ardent believer in the free market. i believe businesses like yours are the engine of economic growth in this country. you create jobs. >> reporter: he tried to shed liberalism that angered republicans. >> rather than hurling accusation of big government liberals or mean-spirited conservatives, we have to answer those tough questions. and getting that balance right, has less to do with big government or small government than it has to do with smart government. >> reporter: the house g.o.p. leader gave the president an a-plus for rhetoric. >> exactly. i agree whole heartedly with those words. >> reporter: republican as say they propose tax increases linked to healthcare reform, global
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warming legislation and financial regulation have created job killing anxiety and uncertainty in the private sector? >> they want to grow the bureaucracies here in washington. they want to grow the size of government. if the president really doesn't believe that he's pro-free market i've not seen any evidence of their activity on capitol hill. >> reporter: senior white house advisor valerie jarret told fox mr. obama is looking for a fresh start. >> i think today presented an excellent opportunity for the president to set the record straight. look, this is about alignment of interest between the business, business sector, government and the workers. we should all be working together. >> reporter: senior officials say the president's real aim was to break jog jam in congress on investment rules and scrutiny for wall street, including a new consumer protection agency. >> we had to close loopholes that allow financial officials to evade oversight and circumvent rules of the road. we need more probust consumer and investor protection. >> reporter: republicans say no.
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>> it's fraught with problems and will create unintended consequences and is unnecessary to bring real, the health back to the financial services sector. >> reporter: jarret said new rules for big bank are crucial to economic growth and must be passed this year. >> with the memory of last year's disaster so fresh, don't we want to make sure it doesn't happen again? don't we want to know we have certainty so everybody knows what the rules are and everybody plays by the rules? >> the business leaders the president spoke to today backed last year's stimulus. back then the president promised it would create or to save 3.5 million jobs in two years. the most optimistic projections say it saved or created 2 million jobs. not to worry, jarret told fox. more than half of the 787 billion in debt finance to taxpayers fund are left to be spent. bret? >> bret: major garrett live on the north lawn. thank you. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke told a house committee today that he does not expect to raise record low interest rates anytime
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soon. he said the rates are needed to ensure the economic recovery continues. that was good for wall street. the dow gained 91 3/4. s&p 500 picked up 10 2/3. the nasdaq finished ahead 22 1/2. not so good news sales of new home plunged to the lowest level on records. going back nearly half a century. sales dropped 11.2% in jang. the top man at toyota said the auto maker which recalled 8 million vehicles recently has been too successful for its own good. senior correspondent brian wilson reports how the explanation and apology played on capitol hill. >> reporter: though toyota is facing criminal and civil investigations, the grandson of the man who founded the company, akio toyoda, appeared today on capitol hill to answer questions and to say he's sorry. >> i regret that this as a result is a safety issue described in the recall he
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face today. and i'm deeply sorry for any accident that toyota drivers have experienced. >> reporter: toyoda said he feared the company had grown too quickly, that the priorities of the company had become confused. he insisted he was taking the toyota safety issues personally. >> for me, the cars damaged, i am as well. >> reporter: members of congress heard that but wanted to make sure that the japanese executive executives g good old fashioned american earful. >> it's one thing to say you're sorry time after time. there are pronouncements that problems are being addressed. over and over again they seem like they're not addressed. >> reporter: equally tough questioning for the secretary of transportation ray lahood who claimed investigators are not singling out toyota and the national traffic safety
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is not lap dog for try. >> do you believe there is code of nitsa and industry? >> absolutely not. >> why would toity hire former nitsa employers if not to engender a cozy relationship? >> there is not a cozy relationsh relationship. in the last three years we revalued 23 million cars. >> reporter: though toyota is a japanese company, workers at the toyota plant in georgetown, kentucky, are frustrated by all they've been hearing and reading. today they wanted to remind consumers -- >> these are american made cars. japanese companies own us. we're american made cars. safety and quality has always been primary. >> reporter: the larger point when toyota is hit hard, american jobs are on the line. for nitsa, the agency wants to hire 66 more employees next year but it's true that the obama administration wants to cut $7.6 million out
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of the agency's vehicle safety research budget the d.o.t. confirms the number and i've seen the documentation and says there is good explanation for $5 million cuts and the rest come from administrative cost savings. bret? >> bret: brian wilson on the hill. thank you. he lost a fight for his white house job and now van jones is back in the spotlight. up next, will there be a new boxer rebellion in california?
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>> in america election headquarters fixture in california politics finds itself facing a stiff challenge for re-election this fall. correspondent anita vogel has a tough fight for a veteran fighter. >> reporter: democratic senator barbara boxer may be facing a serious challenge in winning a fourth term. with a favorable rating hovering around 50%. boxer says she's ready for a
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fight. >> this will be a tough re-election battle but i just have to tell you, i've run for office many, many times. i've won ten times in a row. and many of those races, many were very difficult. >> reporter: three republicans are vying for the g.o.p. nomination. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina, state assemblyman chuck devore, and former congressman tom campbell. boxer is pulling ahead of all of them but her lead is narrowing and there is speculation californians could hold boxer accountable for state's flagging economy. >> the question is what is going to happen to those conservative democrats who were frankly fed up with deficit spending, who don't want to see taxes go up. and who are worried about job creation that hasn't occurred over the last 14 months in the obama administration. barbara boxer is linked inextricably to the obama agenda. >> reporter: the key to the race will be the g.o.p. primary. in the past, california
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republicans have chosen hard-core conservatives incapable of winning a statewide race. but carly fiorina's moderate poll tixes and deep pockets give her the best chance to beat boxer. >> the qualities that are going to be super important for any republican challenger to barbara boxer, first and foremost are money. they're going to have to be able to compete with her. clearly carly fiorina can compete with barbara boxer from money standpoint. >> reporter: barbara raised more than $7 million. while g.o.p. opponents are gaining ground, her poll numbers are very close to those at this point in 2004. when she won with 58% of the vote. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. >> bret: boxer and her congressional colleagues are losing ground with the public. rasmussen reports says voter dissatisfaction with congress reached 71%. record for that particular poll. only 10% of those surveyed said congress is doing a good or excellent job.
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the white house is denying that president obama is already laying groundwork for his re-election run. if if he is, is it politic poli prudence or wishful thinking? we report, you decide. here is white house correspondent wendell goler. >> reporter: with a barack obama's presidency barely a year old and job approval below 50%, his 2008 campaign manager is reportedly already making plans for 2012. split toe says they've held informal talks with senior advisors but white house officials say they're not thinking about 2012. >> with the magnitude of challenges facing our country now, i assure you the last thing president obama is thinking about is planning an election campaign. >> reporter: still, steven hess of brookings institution says early planning is natural an evolution of the permanent campaign. >> partly we have a permanent campaign because there is a permanent profession. permanent cadron who are interested in this full time and they're in businebusiness.
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secondly, it's a permanent campaign because it's so expensive. >> the president told abc's diane sawyer a politician's job is not to get re-elected. it's to serve the country. >> i would rather be a really good one-term president, than mediocre two-term president. >> reporter: but the trend is toward earlier campaign starts. president bill clinton announced his election in the spring after the midterm election, former president bush did the same, but informal planning for both likely began earlier. one democrat on capitol hill called the report of 102012 planning disconcerting saying, "we have lots of people up in 22010. 2012 is a hell of a long ways away." they note the healthcare is consuming capitol hill and3 away." they note the healthcare is consuming capitol hill and white house and mr. obama is offering to compromise with republicans. hess says they can't count their chickens in 2012.
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>> history tell us you can have a marvelous first year as president or absolutely horrible first year as president. and that doesnepu determine if you'll be re-elected or defeated. >> reporter: hess says two things politician needs to prepare for campaign are record and ability to paint a clear picture of the opponent. for president obama, the healthcare summit may put both in shae sharper focus. at the white house, wendell goler, fox news. >> bret: former vice president dick cheney is out of the hospital following what doctors say was a mild heart attack monday. his office says cheney is feeling good and will resume his normal schedule shortly and he will not participate in a planned bush white house staff reunion breakfast friday. native hawaiians may soon say aloha to a new form of government. we'll explain that. and we'll update the effort to establish a real government in southern afghanistan.
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-- the organization's official seal is on the left. the new secondary logo is on the right. "the washington times" points out that red, white, and blue symbol looks strangely similar to barack obama's campaign 0 from 2008. a spokesman for the missile defense agency dismisses the comparison as ridiculous saying the new logo is for recruiting and the public web site was developed three years ago has no link to any political campaign and cheap tore reproduce on paper. you will remember though soft drink maker pepsi was criticized for seeming to jump on the obama bandwagon in 2008 unveiling this new logo some saw as mirroring
4:30 am
the campaign o. obama that used obamaesque yes, you can. >> former green job czar van jones is back in the spotlight after nearly six month hiatus from the public eye following his resignation from the white house last september. jones is being honored by the naacp friday. that group's president calls jones a misunderstood american treasure. jones described himself to the "the washington post" as, quote, one of the most effective bridge builders in american politics. for bringing minority activists together with union members, environmentalists and renewable technology executives. jones left his white house post last fall amid mounting criticism over controversial remarks and positions from his past, including his signing on to a petition in 2004 that stated the 9/11 attacks might have been supported by the u.s. government and calling republicans a derogatory name. jones apologize for both before
4:31 am
resigning his post. and finally, a kansas city man is combining three great american past times; john is suing the kansas city royals for $25,000 alleging he was injured last september when he was hit in the eye with a hot dog. thrown by the team mascot. he says he suffered a detached retina and has developed cataracts. the royals are not commenting but they are looking for a replacement for the mascot, slugger the lion, presumably to get one with a better control of his fast ball. >> top story at the bottom of the hour president obama says is he looking to find common ground in health care reform summit. one area of contention is likely to be funding of abortions. shannon bream how the president deals with his own plan with this hot button issue thmplets
4:32 am
is a bailout for planned parenthood. >> critics of president obama's health care proposal are shining spotlight on $11 billion it contains for community health centers. a funding stream that opponents say could allow money to flow unrestricted to organizations that provide abortions. >> it appears to contain the senate version of the abortion language which would indirectly subsidize abortion in this country and that would bring about an expansion of abortion on the taxpayers' money. >> the president has made no secret of his friendly relationship with groups like planned parenthood and his pro-choice position. in his health care speech to the nation last september, he made a clear promise. >> no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions. >> lawmakers who have fought to include specific language blocking the funding do not believe the president is willing to build a true fire wall. >> the house has passed our amendment which says no public funding for abortion. the senate language said no, we're going to have public funding for abortion. and the president has gone with the senate language and, therefore, it's unacceptable to
4:33 am
us in the house and a lot of members in the senate. >> even absent specific restrictions pro life advocates worry by providing entities that perform abortions with any funding, those groups will then be able to cover overhead expenses with taxpayer money, freeing up other financial resources to bank roll their abortion services. pro-choice advocates say the situation isn't unique. >> and the same way as we trust the church to not use federal funds that they get for prot will he advertising in areas that are forbiddingen by the establishment claus clause. we need to trust the community health centers that they will aggregate their funds as well. >> we reached out to the white house today and told the president wants to maintain the current ban on federal funding for abortion. quote. if there is a crafting issue that requires technical change to make clear funds for community centers should not be used to fund abortions, he will work with congress to clarify it bret? >> bret: see if this comes up tomorrow in six hours. shannon, thank you.
4:34 am
>> sure. >> bret: maryland's democratic attorney general says same sex marriages performed in other states. the written opinion by doug gansler is not legally binding but can kind guide. one is calling for his impeachment. hawaii may soon undergo radical change. william la jeunesse proposal to give native hawaiians many of the same rights and privileges previously granted to native americans. >> today we are considering a measure to rectify a wrong. >> military presence contribute to the year throw of the hawaiian monarchy. on wednesday the house voted to give part of the state back. >> it will be a major significance for a step in the reconciliation process. >> under the bill proposed by the state's junior senator, up to 28,000 square miles of the state could be turned over to a new sovereign native hawaiian government. and up to 400,000 native
4:35 am
hawaiians, including a fifth of the state's residence will be eligible for tribal membership based on their pollen -- polynesian basis. >> create a -- >> the bill would create chaos with neighbors living under separate laws and paying different taxes. >> there is no more effective way to destroy a nation than divide its people by race and afford them different rights and different government based upon their race. >> if the bill fails in the senate, the state office of hawaiian affairs and hundreds of millions of dollars in agency programs exclusive to native hawaiians from home loans to job support face legal challenges. none the less, statewide polls show a majority of island residence oppose the idea of sovereignty. >> since first being introduced in 2009 bill has passed the house three times only to die in the senate. but now with the president's clear support, advocates claim they have the votes to pass it
4:36 am
and transfer up to 25% of the land mass of hawaii to a new and separate nation. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> bret: the president's bipartisan health care summit is thursday. some republicans are urging a boycott. we will ask the fox all stars what they think after the break. the sixties were all about freedom. ♪ and now in my sixties, they are again. grandpa, are we there yet? i have the freedom to do what i want... and go where i want. grandma, come on! freedom is what i like about my medicare supplement insurance. i can see the doctor i want, where i want, anywhere in the country. now your sixties can be a time of freedom again... with aarp medicare supplement insurance plans... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. because any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare... will accept a medicare supplement insurance plan. anywhere in the u.s. the freedom to do my own thing, without worrying about which doctor i can see. medicare pays only about 80%...
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>> we are optimistic. that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. it's going to be hard. but if people come tomorrow prepared to really roll up their sleeves and work hard on behalf of the american people, the people who elected them here, we're confident that we can make progress. >> we are going down there tomorrow speaking on behalf of the american people who have made it perfectly clear that they want this bill scrapped and they want us to start over. >> his bill can't pass. why don't we sit down and work on things that can pass. >> bret: okay. there is some of the sights and sounds before this bipartisan health care summit at the blair house across from the white
4:40 am
house. what about this and what will come out of it? let's bring in our panel steve hayes senior writer for "the weekly standard." kirsten powers columnist of the "new york post," and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. kirsten, first to you, are the expectations? i mean it seems like republicans don't have a lot of expectations but what about democrats? are there expectations for this summit? >> sure. clearly obama decided to take another run at this. you can disagree with weather that's a good idea or not. now that he is doing it, people are hoping that something is going to come out of this. i think the only way and i think this is unlikely to happen, but i think what has to happen for anything to really move is to have some sort of game-changer, meaning obama would come out and actually do something sort of radical like saying let's put tort reform on the table and do something different versus showing up and trying to outmaneuver and debate them. sort of do the same thing as last time. it's really time to do something different. call the republicans on their
4:41 am
bluff. >> bret: charles, the president comes to the table you are right on tort reform. i will take that one. you have to come my way and pass x, y, and z. >> if i were sitting there i would say what do you mean by tort reform? do you mean serious or the kind of dabbling that's done in the bills that will already in the house and the senate? i think it would be absolutely remarkable if the president at this late date introduced that it might change the game at least on that day. but he hasn't shown any seriousness about this. howard dean some months ago in a public rally spoke about why the democrats haven't included it. and it's because he said openly we don't want to anger the trial lawyers. what he didn't say is the trial lawyers own the democratic party. look, i think this is not about real compromise or finding a middle way. this is all about theater. it's a two-act production tomorrow, six hours long, you know. and obama production presents the children of light against the apostles of nay owism.
4:42 am
that's how he staked it out. his whole idea is to present an event in which he gets the upper hand or the republicans produce a sound bite that is embarrassing. and it encourages the troops in the house and the senate. because he then has to go into reconciliation, which is a tricky maneuver, parliamentary maneuver, and which is extremely problematic. i think tomorrow is all about theater. and then after that is real legislation. >> bret: steve, the president today talking to business leaders said one of the benefits of health care reform as he sees it is bringing down the cost of medicare and medicaid. it could significantly reduce our deficit. now, by his plan, that the white house put out monday, they are going continue to crease the people going into medicaid by about 15 million, and going to cut from medicare about 500 billion. but use that money twice, essentially, according to the cbo. if you are republicans, do you focus on that?
4:43 am
do you go down into those weeds? >> we know how the president wants us -- got a very specific agenda. he has four parts. he wants to walk through certain policy issues. if i'm the republicans at this point, every question he asks or every issue he raises, i take it back to spending. people don't believe him on spending because what he is saying is not believable. it doesn't make sense that you will be able to lower costs and cover more people. that is common sense. you don't have to get into elaborate negotiations or discussions about why that doesn't make sense. you don't have to have a cbo score, and the president doesn't have one for this latest plan, to understand that you can't actually cover that many more people and lower the cost. so at every point, if i'm republicans, i say mr. president, what about the spending? what about the spending? how much is this going to add to the deficit? you can actually do this, i think, in a way that says to the president, look, i am taking you on good face. i believe, mr. president, that you think that this will lower the cost. let's look at the stimulus for a
4:44 am
second. it was to have cost $787 billion and in less than a year it's increased by $75 billion. not because anybody is manipulating things but the assumptions were wrong. this is going to add to that the same way. >> bret: charles has mentioned reconciliation, the parliamentary process where you could pass budget measures through the senate with 51 votes, not 60 usually needed it was once called the nuclear option. and democrats, when republicans were using it, had this to say about it. >> what i worry about would be the -- you essentially have still two chambers, the house and the senate, but you have simply majortarian power on one side. that's not what the founders intended. >> this nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. it is a fundamental power grab. i say to my friends on the republican side, you may own the
4:45 am
field right now, but you won't own it forever. and i pray god when the democrats take back control we don't make the kind of naked power grab you are doing. >> this is exactly what the filibuster does. it encourages moderation and consensus. it gives voice to the minority, so that cooler heads may prevail. the filibuster is a critical tool in keeping the majority in check. >> bret: kirsten, there is a lot more tape. >> i'm sure there is. thank you for establishing beyond all doubt that politicians are hypocrites. so i think it goes for both sides. when it comes to reconciliation, it's really not clear what's going to happen. the expert on it is kent conrad, chairman of the budget committee. he has said it has to go through the house first, anything that deals with money has to come out of the house first. the house doesn't want to do that because, of course, they don't want to have to do another vote where they're walking the plank again on something that become law.
4:46 am
they are saying the senate has to go first. the white house is at least behind closed doors and if they would come out publicly, yeah, pretty much decided that they are going to push reconciliation. the question is how are they actually going to do that in a situation where the house is not going to go -- they do not want to go first. how can they make them go first? that's really the question. >> when conrad was told today that the house insisted on going first he said fine, then it's dead. that's not an insignificant comment from somebody like a kent conrad. >> bret: if you can put percentages, charles, on the reconciliation process, the nuclear option working, it's still a long shot like a three banker, isn't it. >> it is a three-bank shot. and i think it gets stuck in the house because pelosi lacks the votes. in the senate, because it allows the republicans endless amendments. i want to add one thing. i would like to see the text of the prayer that biden is now offering that democrats nakedly grab power. i would love to have that lit
4:47 am
liturgy so we can repeat it. >> bret: be sure to check "special report" we have video of stories and past panels, also what we call the extra grapes from the grapevine. you can log on into the online show. hit the button on the bottom right of the screen. you see it right there. the chat has already begun. we'll be back with the fox all stars in three
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>> i am an ardent believer in the free market. i believe businesses like yours are the engines of economic growth in this country. you create jobs. >> if the president really does believe that he is pro-free market, i have not seen any
4:51 am
evidence of their activity here on capitol hill. >> bret: the president is speaking to business leaders today. did sound at times like a republican. we're back with our panel. steve, what about this? >> well, come on. i mean, the president can say that as much as he wants. we have year. we can look what he has done over the past year. he is clearly not an ardent believer in the free market. he is believer in big government. that's what he ran on and won on. he has enacted policies that follow what what he campaigned on. to try to campaign that is he a ardent believer in the free market can be laughed at. the business table has given his good marks for the comments he made today and say we he are encouraged by his rhetoric. businesses that supported the business round table supported the stimulus it was anything but a free market pro-growth jobs plan. it was, i think, we recognize that it was basically a wasteful spending measure that gave out lots of favors to his political
4:52 am
backers and didn't do much to stimulate jobs. >> the congressional budget office does 2 million, their estimate is 2 million jobs could come out of the stimulus. >> up to. >> bret: up to. valerie jarrett is back into senior advisor to the white house, back into defending the stimulus, saying hold on, it's not done creating or saving jobs. today. telling major garrett that. >> well, sure. i mean, they are going to keep pushing that. but i do think the president, when i listen to the speech today, was he was defensive. you know, he was trying to sort of sell something. i have to agree with you, that really isn't his philosophy. i don't know why it would be his philosophy. you know, he was complaining that people are saying he was raising taxes and i haven't raised a dime in taxes which is very did i d. disingenuous if you look at any of the health care plans. were it not nor scott brown taxes would be going up in health care bills. that's part of his plan. as a democrat, there is nothing radical about that. it's strange that he is now trying to pretend that he is not going to raise taxes. we have a huge deficit. we have, you know, we are -- no
4:53 am
way could we get out of that just from cutting spending. democrats criticize the bush administration for not raising taxes, you know, to pay for a war. fliskly, -- philosophically he believes in raising taxes. trying to sell something today that he is just not at the business round table. >> bret: charles? >> something else he is trying to do, the message interest from democrats have lost people are worried about jobs. in the state of the union address he pretended he would pivot away from health care to jobs but is he still stuck on health care. the problem is this, and it's a problem all presidents have republican or democratic, the government doesn't essentially create the jobs. it can save a few in a recession. can have a make-work job that will last a year or two, but essentially it is the private sector. there is not much the government can do. but in a recession, you have to pretend. and that's what i think the new jobs bill in the senate is all about. look, reagan had that problem in 81 and 82 and he actually was
4:54 am
honest about it. stay the course, ultimately the economy rebounded. if you are a democrat, you have got to act differently. he is now with the jobs bill out of the senate. i think there is one now, it's rather small, there will be another one in a couple of months. you have to give the appearance of being involved in jobs. if you ask yourself ultimately what does the government do in a recession? not much. it tries to get out of the way and to lower taxes. but you can stimulate private economic activity which ultimately will create the jobs. >> bret: we should point out the jobs bill passed overwhelmingly in the senate today with a lot of republican support. >> but that is what reagan did. i think that's the key difference. that is what reagan did. he got out of the way. he said i'm getting out of the way. i'm not going to get in the way. and i'm going to cut taxes. i'm going to free up this capital. i'm going to allow companies to -- do the kind of things government can't do and shouldn't be doing. he said it in a forth right way that frankly led to the kind of economic growth that we saw and i think led to the kind of popularity that we saw. >> what about, this kirsten,
4:55 am
that you just mentioned it that the white house was going to pivot to jobs, jobs, jobs, the economy. and we are essentially all of the oxygen this week has been on health care. and tomorrow will be six hours of coverage on health care. what about that strategy? >> yeah. it's hard to know what they are thinking. i think that they must have come to some sort of conclusion that they have to get a win. this has to pass and in order for them to look strong, to lose on this is catastrophic in the elections. i don't actually agree with that that seems to be what they are doing. atthey are putting all of their effort into this. they know what you guys are talking about. they know there is not a lot that can be done on jobs which is why they took on health care in the first place. there wasn't a lot they could do. to reagan i would say yes, the economy was bad with reagan, nothing like what obama was facing. i think they were in two completely different situations. >> bret: 10 seconds, charles. >> obama is threading water on jobs. he thinks he needs health care a
4:56 am
because he believes in it and second if he comes away with nothing after a year on health care, he will be wounded in a way that he will never recover from. >> bret: that's it for the panel, stay tuned for interesting interpretation of an olympic move.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
>> bret: finally tonight, olympic gold medal snowboarder shaun white came up with interesting names for his amazing moves. sometimes, depending on the interviewer, the reasoning behind those names takes on a life of its own. >> i take off front flip and go back flip for the second flip. it's pretty evolved. that's why we call it the tomahawk. a bit of a thrill. >> it works well you think about the tomahawk missile and that's what created the whole iraqi war. sean, it's always so good to talk to you. >> bret: i love his face. well, i wasn't thinking that. but thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and


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